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Roses for Aunt Marcy

Roses, 12" X 12", acrylic on illustration board

I made this painting in honor of my great aunt's 100th birthday. Unfortunately, I didn't have much time between finishing it and delivering it to take a decent photograph so the color is a bit off in this image. I honestly believed I'd finish this little painting in a jiffy. Wrong. The roses kept dying, which made the painting challenging, but I found myself tempted to keep repainting them as they got more interesting. I also edited one out completely because the overall shape of the composition had become cumbersome. 

As you can see, the roses were mere buds when I started. When they began opening they got very big and the composition looked top heavy. They compacted somewhat as they started dying. As I went along I found it necessary to adlib and edit a bit, but that was actually fun. Unfortunately, it added time to the painting, and I finished the night before we were traveling to the party. A bit too tight for comfort.