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Golden Open Acrylics

I love Golden Open Acrylics

As you can see from the above picture, I have a few paint brands mixed up in my box, but Golden is my favorite brand and their Open Acrylics are my favorite paints of all. I love them because their drying time is much slower. They feel like painting with oils.

Here are a few reasons why I love these paints:

  • The colors are beautiful.
  • They dry slowly.
  • You can use a palette knife with them if you want. I use one to move paint around on my palette or to scrape the canvas the way I would with oil paints.
  • Like all acrylics, Golden Open Acrylics don’t smell like anything, and they clean up with water.
  • You can cover your palette and the paints will still be wet the next day. They stay wet for a few days when they are covered. I use plastic wrap which sticks well to my glass palette.
  • This one is weird, but I like the caps Golden uses. They don’t get gunky and are easy to get on and off.
  • Another thing I like about Golden is their website. They have information pages and a newsletter that are excellent. Take a look at the page for Open Acrylics:

If you paint with acrylics I highly recommend Golden Open Acrylics. I painted with oils for many years, and I loved their “plasticity”, but I stopped using them because the solvents required are toxic and hard on septic systems. Golden Open Acrylics feel a lot like oils, but frankly, I like them better.